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Contemplations on The Road Less Traveled

Making these everyday choices determines what we will learn and where we will go. Sure, we could simply ride the tide of life, bobbing along and cursing others for our shortcomings. Making these decisions, especially the tough ones, is what molds our spirit and feeds our soul. Although it’s easy to picture a certain path or another, getting to the picture isn’t quite as simple. Within the small everyday choices are bigger decisions that question faith, moral values, dignity, pride, and even those we love. As Robert Frost’s poem hints, there is always at least one other road calling you, questioning you, begging you to turn from the other path. That road is usually worn, easier to navigate, and without unknown pitfalls. It will take you to the same place as those before you. Which will you choose? A new adventure, possibly a difficult one? Or the easy way, the accepted way?

Sometimes the right road for you isn’t the one you want. Ususally the right road is difficult and requires soul searching, endurance and stamina. As does life. Consider your life a blank map. Roads get penned in as you discover them. Some are rocky, some are smooth, some are uphill, some are downhill, some are winding, and some are straight. And sometimes, heavy traffic or construction is to be expected. Be assured that at the end of that road your soul will have much to show for it.

From every decision, the growing branches of choices are multiplied, until we reach our present destination. We look back over that treacherous road and wonder how we arrived here. Among those many choices we made along our journey some are more memorable than others. Maybe they remind us of happy times or allow us to look back upon difficult lessons.

Consider these roads of our lives gateways to new opportunities. Savor in their difficulty knowing they bring experience and flavor to the life you lead. Keep marking on that map, taking a pit stop every now and then, and refuel when needed. At the end of your life you will be able to look back upon it and know you did the right thing even when it was difficult and you didn’t believe you could. You will pass on to wherever it is you believe you will go with the knowledge that you took all you could out of this life by challenging the worn paths and forging new ones.

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