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What’s My Life Trying to Tell Me?

This question could very well be, “What’s God trying to get me to see and respond to?” Sometimes we can just beg to know, but the answers might be closer than we think. At other times we know what the answers are, yet we don’t want to go there.

Right through life as it contends,

With strength to abide and knowledge to know,

Despite that which the soul pretends,

We deny truth toward warnings of a blow.

Trying to get through is a thing we resist,

Besides our flow and success it remains,

A humbling truth continues to persist,

Compelling our hearts toward a reality that sustains.


There’s no getting away from ourselves, or the shortcuts to life we take that are forlorn.

For every person there’s the fatal flaw revealing where further they can move; if they will, soon it will be the next thing to attend to, then the next and so on.

Life’s never ‘squared away’ as we live at the reality of challenge and necessity. The key thing, from God’s viewpoint, is to get past the elementary things (Hebrews 6:1) and onto those more advanced things worthy of our burgeoning maturity.

No More Running Away from Ourselves

Many are those who cannot stand to look their inner selves in the eye when glancing past a mirror. For every one of these, there are several also who refuse to deal with the truth-appending situations that insidiously rock their world off the pendulum, over the years.

Diet is a classic example. We know how to eat and what to eat – for the best of health – but there are many conveniences in the way, besides, exercise also has such a dark name in the minds of many. Westernised humanity is suffocating in dietary affluence.

God Has a Message for Each One

At each juncture of this journey of life, God’s speaking to us in quiet and visible ways.

It’s up to us to firstly be interested and, secondly, to act on the information we’re able to glean.

If we sit down with a notebook and pen, there are half a dozen or more areas that our Lord’s got for us to focus upon, and adapt in, by way of improvements.

We don’t need to work on everything at once, but we do need to work on growing if we’re to please God in faith (Hebrews 11:6).

The growing life is the contented life – discontent with the status quo, but content with working toward a better ‘us’.

Copyright (c) 2011 S. J. Wickham.

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