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When Will Power = Integrity – You Win

Self Improvement advice for those who envy the over achievers in life, but are not always one with the commitment level it takes to compete at that level; is not an easy thing to explain. Everyone wants to be a winner and we love to celebrate the winners and we all wish to improve, not everyone can muster the will power or strength of character to stay in the top tier of competition.

Some over achievers feel that if they are unable to complete a workout in sports training or they fail to put in the extra time to complete a task, no matter how small on their “to do list” that they have shown weakness. These folks equate strength of character and will power with integrity and often, see those terms as one and the same.

In fact, if they fail to complete a task or accomplish one of the items on the list of goals they have set for themselves, they hardly need a coach or anyone to point it out, as they are three-times as hard on themselves as anyone else ever could be. Some say this is like setting someone up for failure and hard on the self-esteem, however I beg to differ with psychologists who believe that, because, the folks that I meet that equate will power and strength of character with integrity have extremely high levels of self-confidence.

These over achieving and high performance individuals remind me of the saying of the Apollo Astronauts; “Failure is Not an Option!” If you really want to improve you must set your goals and take them personally, commit to them and equate your will power to the personal integrity of your promise to complete those goals. Please think on this, I think it might help you this month.

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