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A Simple Paper/Pencil Temperament Test

A first step toward discovering your natural temperament type.

Everyone wonders why people do the things they do. There are numerous temperament tests “out there”. This one simply gives you a slight hint where you are on the DiSC scale. For more extensive, online tests – just leave a comment below. Are you naturally outgoing? Do others consider you outgoing?

If you are outgoing, are naturally talkative? If so you are most likely an “I” on the DiSC scale.

Influence contacting people making a favorable impression verbalizing with articulateness creating a motivational environment generating enthusiasm entertaining people

Cross-reference: Outgoing/people-oriented, Sanguine, MB – ExFP

If you are outgoing, are you more interested in getting things done than talking? If so you are probably a “D” on the DiSC scale.

Dominance getting immediate results causing action accepting challenges making quick decisions questioning the status quo taking authority

cross reference to other systems: Outgoing/Task-oriented, Choleric, MB – ExTP

If you do not consider yourself naturally outgoing (that is, more quiet or introverted), do you consider yourself a detailed person? Do others notice that you are careful about order and details? If so you are most likely a “C” on the DiSC scale.

Cautious following directives and standards concentrating on detail working under controlled circumstances being diplomatic with people checking for accuracy

cross reference: Reserved/task-oriented, Melancholy, MB – xSTJ

If you do not consider yourself naturally outgoing, are you best known for being easy to get along with, calm and steady? If so you are probably an “S” on the DiSC scale.

Steadiness performing an accepted work pattern sitting or staying in one place demonstrating patience developing specialized skills concentrating on the task showing loyalty

Cross reference: Reserved/people-oriented, Phlegmatic, MB – IxFJ

Two caveats:

Temperament is often modified by life experience and circumstances – we call this our personality.

Each of us is a blend of usually TWO of the above types. Write me at the address below for a more detailed analysis of your temperament.

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