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The Will with the Skill along for the Thrill!

What makes a man? There is a difference between men and a real man. One must consider that just because someone is in a man’s body does not mean they are a real man. A true man has strength of character and the human spirit; let’s call it will. But having the will to achieve and the strength of character to press on and persevere is nothing without the skill or intellect to do it. Without those two things it does not matter if the entity is in a man’s body for he is not a man in the true sense of what is to be a man.

Having the will and the skill are two things that are necessary for an individual to be a man but that alone is not enough for a man must also have desire. The desire to go beyond and to take risks; To climb mountains if you will. Simply because they are there.

Some might call this the need for speed; a thrill seeker. Without the ability to generate the chemical reaction in the brain that seeks excitement or risk that person would not be a man. It is the will with the skill along for the thrill that makes the man. When you have it you’ll know it and if you don’t, well I feel sorry for you. But don’t bother trying to follow me if you don’t got it. Please consider all this in 2006.

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