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Tips For Working Mums to Stay Energized and Spend Time With Children

Your career is just one facet of your life. This is a fact best realized by a working mum as she fully knows that nothing compares to the affection and appreciation she receives from her children. It is something that no amount of corporate success can give and beyond doubt, a unique kind of achievement – one that is truly rewarding and heartwarming as it speaks of long-term happiness and contentment.

However, there are times when the job at the office just gets a little bit too much. The challenging duties one has to face in the workplace often take their toll in the working mum’s body. Tiredness creeps in and the mum comes home not with an excited spirit but with a wearisome soul. While mothers do their best to conceal their exhaustion, most of the times it does not work very well. The job-related stress can sometimes manifest in unpleasing behavior such as being irritable and easily annoyed.

It is a whole lot easier to just go with the flow. If you are not in a mood then it is easier to just act according to your feelings and let people take the situation for what it is. Sadly, it is not applicable in all situations. As a mother, you have to understand how your child feels at all times. Turning them down is not an option just because you are exhausted. You have to make the effort to spend time with your kids even if you are not feeling your best.

The following are the different ways online life coaching experts suggest in order that working mums can keep their selves energized for some family bonding at home after a long day at work:

1. Do catnaps each time you can.

There is always that 10-minute break that you can steal during work. Try to avoid having extended lunch breaks or mid-day chat sessions that are unproductive. Instead, lock yourself in your cubicle and have a siesta break. You will be amazed at how short naps boost your energy levels.

2. Keep a positive attitude.

Always think that you can do more. Do not ever give in to the temptation of resigning to the fact that life is always hard for working mums. Professional coaching experts say that you need to believe that you can still do things with your kids after your work day. Without faith in yourself, you will lack motivation to actually get things done.

3. Find activities that are not physically-straining. After a long day at work, it will be realistically difficult for you to run around the yard or do sports activities with your kids. Explore other ways of bonding with them that require less physical movement. You can play scrabble or chess with them or watch a movie. These pursuits are enjoyable and soothing at the same time. They will also give you your much needed break from work.

4. Bring something home for your kids.

Wise working mums know that a little thoughtfulness goes a long way. Drop by the bakeshop and get your kids some cupcakes or shop for a little gift in the toy store. Children love it when they get treats from their parents. Take time to get to know the interests of your children so your gifts will be more special and genuine. This will be a great way to bond with them after work.

5. Eat healthy throughout the day.

If you eat greasy and unhealthy food, you will find that you will get tired easily at the end of the day. Munch on good carbs and fruits so you will have more energy when you get home. Every working mum who has undergone coaching for women knows that having a healthy diet will allow you to spend more time with your kids after your day at work.

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